Stop "Renting" Electricity

If you still have a monthly power bill, you are “renting” electricity.

One of the greatest things about living in 2018 is having options. If you don’t want to pay $150 a month for cable, you have Netflix. Don’t want to spend $1.29 for each song you listen to? Spotify. Need a ride? Uber. We have options, and it’s an incredible time to be a consumer.

Unfortunately, debt is a reality for nearly all Americans. The intent is that once your debt has been paid, you will no longer owe another dollar and truly own whatever it is that you purchased. In the case of electricity, if you have a monthly power bill, you are renting electricity and you will never own your power. Most of us strive to own homes, own cars, and today we have the ability to own our electricity.

I recently had a client who was paying an average of $350 per month to his electrical utility. That’s $4,200 per year in electricity! And what really stings, is that bill would have found its way into his mailbox each and every month, come hell or high water.

Fast forward to today, this client is now spending less each month paying for his solar system than he was paying his utility, and in a few years, he will own his electricity. That means he can stop putting $4,200 a month into “renting” electricity, and can now invest that money wherever he sees fit.

Many people still think that solar power is too expensive; but the reality is it isn’t. In fact, it costs less than owning a car; and it is a heck of lot less than owning a house. With financing options available today, you may only be a few years away from truly owning your electricity.